Amigos falsos / False Friends

Jorge Galván Flores and John Pluecker
ON VIEW September 23 - November 18, 2017
as part of LINES DRAWN, an exhibition organized by Xandra Eden
LOCATION DiverseWorks MATCH Gallery 3400 Main Street Houston, TX 77002
An examination of the limits, joys and travails of false friendship, both linguistically and culturally. The work in the show thinks about el viaje/the voyage, Mexico/Texas, and more broadly the meaning of a word in one language and its relationship to a similar sounding work in another. Moving beyond prescriptive linguistic judgements, the work flows between English and Spanish, creating a space for play, persuasion and laughter. The works draw on a recently discovered archive of Pluecker's maternal grandmother's collection of LIFE magazines and also includes a series of ceramic sculptures.
Exhibition photographs and ephemera from the original installation of the work at the Wedge Space at Houston Community College Southeast: