What started with making zines with friends back in the late 90s has grown into a practice of making zines, chapbooks, books, pamphlets and artist books. Additionally, I've done a number of chapbooks and pamphlets with my collaborator Jen Hofer as Antena; for now, you can find those on the Antena site. Here are other chapbooks: some are hand-made and some are published by wonderful small press projects.

An Accompanying Text Image.jpg

An Accompanying Text

A chapbook published by She Works Flexible in 2015.

Full of companions, conflict zones, gaps and generators.

At the chapbook launch, a reading of the text was played without the author on the stage, an attempt to see whether or not a text could accompany without a body or if a text could become a body that might accompany the reader / listener.


An accordion-style handmade, DIY artist book in 2014.
Made for the Fresh Arts Community Supported Art Program.

Full of Karankawa words, anti-definitions, bayou sand, and drowning Spaniards. Ioyaiene became a part of the book Ford Over as one of the sections. The making of this artist book led me to experiment with painting over European words in a glossary of Karankawa words, thus forming an Anti-Glossary of sorts.

Click here for a slightly different online version at Hinchas de Poesía.

Killing Current

A chapbook published by the borderlands-based Mouthfeel Press in 2012.

Full of rivers, silt, mud, crossings, intricate maps, slight squiggles, crosshatches and cut-ups.



A handmade, DIY chapbook from 2011.

Full of pants ripping on plastic chairs, BUENA VIDA, coladores de sueños, Master locks, Trapitos de Angel and City Cosas.

My collaboration with the Dusie Kollektiv Round 5.
Click here for a PDF version on the Dusie website.

A second edition was made in 2013 for Jen Hofer's CalArts class.

Routes into Texas

A handmade, DIY chapbook from 2010.  

Full of nose-grabbing, backwoods exploring, expropriations and other poety prose. 


A DIY art zine collaboration with Jorge Galván Flores from 2003.

Full of photos of murals from Houston's East Endunicorns, big-lipped fish, Selena, pool-playing bulls, crawfish, mustachioed beauty queens and a fading historical singularity.