Stop the Raids, Obama!

On Tuesday, February 24, the Obama Administration executed the first worksite raid of his administration. Outside Seattle in a factory in Bellingham, Washington, 28 workers, including 3 mothers, were chained and arrested as part of an ICE enforcement operation.


1. Call the White House at 202-456-1414 and tell President Obama:

· Business as usual at ICE is not change we can believe in.

· Now more than ever, a top to bottom review of ICE priorities and it enforcement operations is needed.

· At a minimum, until the new ICE Director (named Monday) and an oversight strategy is in place, please halt these types of enforcement actions.

· Just last week, you promised that you are committed to fixing the broken immigration system through comprehensive immigration reform. The President can't say one thing and do another. The community needs clarity.

It looks like public pressure will help.  The new Homeland Security director Janet Napolitano has already ordered a review of the raid, saying enforcement efforts should be focused on employers.  Keep the pressure on...