Stealing Immigrant Babies

Check this one out: so now judges are taking custody of the children of undocumented immigrants and handing them over to American families when the immigrants are arrested/deported. See here.

What one judge in Missouri, David Dally, wrote in his decision is so telling:

“Her lifestyle, that of smuggling herself into the country illegally and committing crimes in this country, is not a lifestyle that can provide stability for a child. A child cannot be educated in this way, always in hiding or on the run.”

The crime the judge is referring to is using a false Social Security card to get work. So now, coming to this country to get a better life, getting a job and working to provide for your U.S. citizen kids is a crime that makes her unworthy of keeping her own child. This is so so so so sickening. The judge's logic is gross and awful.  The woman in this case is only trying to provide for the future of her children and the legal system in this country judges her as an unfit mother for her decision. 

Awful.  Please, Obama, reform our immigration laws NOW.