Somewhere along the way 
somewhere in the day to day 
somewhere in the night to night 
somewhere between 
feeding salivating dogs and watering drooping oxcalis 
computering dimness and aching hand tendons
putting in light bulbs and done been inserted into the basest human dramas
this monotonous beating and that rush of cool from the air conditioning vent 
ear drops and nasal sprays 
the suffocating heat of dark cars and the stickiness of sweaty jeans
sitting uncomfortably on patios at midnight and staying home to watch the bricks 
falling asleep midmorning and weighted down by darkness on a bar stool
searching for a reason to say and not wanting to say anything at all
not believing and being afraid to walk outside at dark
somewhere between here and there
you and me.

Somewhere between 
this brain forgot that life was to be shouted and joyed and spent
and then remembering