Some Paraphrased Thoughts of Jen Hofer I Noted Tonight

There is no writing outside of constraint.

I get tired of making the same comments about the world.

A colophon is the part of the zine/book/chapbook where you write the process of the production of the object.

Makes me think of Mallarmé and the Coup de dés. All writing is one book and each of us adds a few lines.

Live film narration called Benshi is a genre.

Konrad Steiner calls it talking back to the talkies.

I write like a translator.

I'm going to choose to use the most politically charged lanuage and make something that makes possibility out of impossibility.

I want to bump against the language I hate.

Poems are notes we take to ourselves.

Re-presentation is always original.

It's useful to inhabit many vocabularies. We can inhabit someone else's words.

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A Partial Reading List:

Your Country is Great by Ara Shirinyan
Holocaust by Charles Reznikoff
Transcript by Heimrad Backer
Zong! by NourbeSe Philip