Vanity Fair takes a quick look at Marisol Valles García, the new 20-year-old police chief of a town near Ciudad Juárez and manages to connect her recent appointment to The Black Minutes:

Martin Solares's The Black Minutes, published in Spanish in 2006 and released in an English translation earlier this year, paints a deliciously hellish portrait of what it’s like to be an honest cop in a backwater Mexican town where corruption is tantamount to oxygen: if you don’t partake, you die. In this fictional universe, at least, the police are laughably understaffed and underequipped—not unlike the force now run by Marisol Valles Garcia, who, according to the Post, “is overseeing just 13 agents—nine of them women—who have a single working patrol car, three automatic rifles and a pistol at their disposal.” How is an outfit like that supposed to take on a cartel financed by billions of dollars a year in illicit drug proceeds? The answer may be that it isn’t.

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