Check out the Dusie Kollektiv profile in Openned Poetry Zine. A few snippets:

The Dusie Kollektiv, founded in 2005 by Susana Gardner of Zurich, Switzerland, an extension of her online poetry journal Dusie and the imprint Dusie Books, focuses on the work of innovative writers both established and emerging. The Dusie Kollektiv Projekt marries several attentions of its founder: the hand-made book, the development of a poetry community, and the gift-economy ... Each member of the collective produces two versions of a chapbook: a limited edition of hand- crafted chapbooks sent out to every other member of the collective, with free digital pdf chapbooks available via the Dusie website: dusie.org.

Read the whole article here.

Thrilled to be participating this year, even though unfortunately it's the last year of the Kollektiv exchange. Planning out my book-object-artist-author-found-gift-thing now.