Check out a new text by yours truly called "Rue" that was published as part of the wikiloot project of valeveil. I used an erasure technique on a U.S. Embassy cable from Mexico: 10MEXICO518, CALDERON VISITS JUAREZ, ANNOUNCES NEW STRATEGY.

A little more info on valeveil and the project: valeveil is a small publishing press and Stockholm-based curatorial node devoted to strengthening connections between America and Scandinavia via ongoing ventures. valeveil is compiling submitted critical and/or creative writing responses to one or more Wikileaks web link(s) of one’s choice, alongside the written responses of other contributors. Text results are being archived and made publicly accessible.

The project is interested in doing this because the people at valeveil think the Wikileaks phenomenon is of particular importance to Americans, Swedes and others who find themselves influenced. It has been reported that Wilileaks founder Julian Assange’s rapport with these countries has been under scrutiny. Yet, Wikileaks as an open source of relevant information―once classified documents―is significant to anyone aspiring for a more realizable freedom of speech and expression. This writing-as-response archive exists because the Wikileaks issue remains unresolved and a topic of concern.

Submissions are currently being accepted to the project.