Oh, El Paso

Just saw this article on El Paso and their domestic partner controversy.  Some right-wing preacher launched a crusade to unseat the mayor and two council members, because they approved domestic partner health benefits in the city.

My favorite part is this:

Of the 150 city employees who were subsequently notified that they would lose benefits for dependents, 19 were in domestic partnerships, including 2 who are gay. The cost to the city of providing benefits to the partners of those 19 was about $34,000 a year, Mr. Cook said. Among those also losing their benefits, he said, were foster children, retirees and disabled relatives cared for by city employees. 

So, let's be clear: because of two (two!) gay domestic partnerships, an entire movement was launched that eventually won its goal!  The result: they succeeded at denying health benefits to the two gays and also to straight domestic partners, foster kids, old folks and the disabled.

Wow, that's really family values.

(Sorry for the sarcasm, but it's the only emotional response I can muster today.)