What's Houston Like?

So many arty/hipstery people who have never been to Houston give me a sad or confused face whenever I say I am from Houston (and that I like it).  They tell me they like Austin or mention something about driving through on the 10 from one place to another. Or they say something about how much it sucks or how they Bushes or Rick Perry or how backwards and conservative it must be.

So this post is for all those people. Days like this I am impressed and happy with Houston.  Perfect weather and chock full of events.

11am - Ctrl Art Create at Heights Theater (with incredible letterpressers from the Workhorse Printmakers)

2pm - Public Poetry Reading Series Downtown at Discovery Green

and a birthday party for a special friend.

The next person who asks me if I like Houston, I am going to mention this day of politically-charged, aesthetically wild art and words and events.  This city is full of life and energy.

Xoxo from the Third Coast.