Houstonites! I am doing a collaborative performance with Lucas Gorham and David Feil in the Counter Crawl III festival this Saturday. Lucas and David are improvising deconstructed steel guitar and I'm live-remixing text from a book-length project, called Ford Us Over. The poetry and prose I'm remixing is thinking about crossing rivers in Texas, how science names landscapes, how language can be refigured as plant life and rocks. Better just come and experience it!

We're performing at the Mystery Spot at 4pm-ish. You can either bike along with the Counter Crawl crew or email or call me for the Mystery Spot location. Here are details I copied from the Alter Audio site about the whole, all-day, multi-venue festival:

H E A R   Y E ! ! !     H E A R   Y E ! ! !

Beasts of East End.  Beasts of Montrose. Beasts of every land and clime:  Hoist your freak flags and unfurl your superlatives -- Counter Crawl the THIRD doth roll through town, this 28th day of January!

It’s a party on wheels, this funner-all procession, this kaleidoscopic journey through the underpants of the city featuring spontaneous, unpretentious entertainment that will have you scratching your head and asking WHOSE YOU’RE DADA?

Here’s what’s going down.  Most of us ride bikes from venue to venue, but that doesn’t mean you have to.  The whole day’s events are free! Meet up at noon at El Rincon Social.  Then...

El Rincon Social, 12-3 pm
3210 Preston, 77003
* Visual art + Sustainability Carnival
* Performances by Demonic Hen /
    Ancient Astronaut Theory /

The Mothership, 3-4 pm
3210 Commerce, 77003
* Houston Free Thinkers skillshare

Mystery Spot, 4:20-5:20 pm
(It’s a mystery! Come to one of
the earlier stops to find out where.)
* Performances by: John Pluecker with Lucas
   Gorham & David Feil / Harbeer Sandhu with
   Josianne Modelo / Circuit 7 / Julie Rogers

Donkey Paw Studios, 5:30 - 7:30 pm
2010 Commerce, 77002
* Screen print show + food!
* Music by:  Alimanas / Lazer Cunts /

Jenner House, 7:45 - 10:00 pm
1619 Chapman, 77009
* Visual Art + BBQ + Smilebooth photos
* Performances by Components of the Modern
   Age (COMA) / Zoofelia / Rivers /

Warhaus, 10:00 pm - 12:30 am
4715 Main Street, 77004
* More Visual art
* FLCON FCKR presents NSFW
* Ms. Sandy and Ms. YET

Participating Visual artists: Alice Le, James Hickey, Thien Ho, Amos Garcia, Laura De Leon, Valerie Ramirez, Marcus Adams, Matthew Sullivan, Alex Tu, Jordan Johnson, Brittney Anele, Nana Sampong, Isaiah Lopez, Denis Cisneros, Montserrat Olmos, Maria Heg, Melissa Taylor, Weah, Angel Quesada, Jaja Gray, Elsa Briggs, Christina Todaro, Geneva Gordon, Mitch Johnson, Steven Baptiste, Sid Cespedes, Dianne Webb, Allison Whitley, Yasmin Cespedes, AND MORE!

Counter Crawl is a quarterly, roving, art festival which takes place at different underground, off-the-beaten-path type spaces where cool people are doing cool stuff.  The point is to showcase emerging talents as well as community- and sustainability-minded initiatives.  The first Counter Crawl took place on July 9th of last year, and the second was on October 8th.  They were both pretty awesome, with over 100 participants each time, and this one is going to be the best yet!