Let the Ponies Have Plenty of Room

¡Copy Pasters! 
a.k.a. The Jam-masters 
 a.k.a. So Now Collectively 
a.k.a. The Lit Car Wash 
a.k.a. Patrick Dougherty, David Feil, Michael Henderson, Dawn Pendergast, John Pluecker, Harbeer Sandhu, Stalina Villarreal 


Let the Ponies Have Plenty of Room 

a collaborative writing explosion and a new collectively-written and produced chapbook of the same title 

at Kaboom Books 3116 Houston Avenue 
Tuesday, May 8, 2012 
7:30 - 9pm 

 In the Fall of 2011, we, a group of seven intrepid writers/artists/poets/baristas united to play with contemporary generative practices of experimental writing. This workgroup was called ¡Copy Paste! and we met at Project Row Houses. The members of the workgroup were enthused by collaborative writing practices. We decided to keep meeting in 2012. We have met until now. We Google Doc’d. We cut and pasted. We Photoshopped and Photoshared. We debated the intricacies of meaning-making and aesthetic chaos. We lingered. We made a book, which happily became an ephemeral bit under the aegis of the Little Red Leaves Textile Series. We invite you to come and partake in the madness, the wine and the play.