Chto Delat

A quote from Chto Delat:

Our friendships are constructed on the basis of conflict, on encounters with the Other... Who's our radical Other? Well, for an example, you and I are radical Others; we are radically different people. Why are we radically different, if we have so many things in common? Everyone agrees in some what that there is a closeness between people that aren't reproducing knowledge or ideology, but are actually searching for something new... At the same time, we have this need, I don't know where it came from... It's a part of the work-process, in which the most productive moment arises through conflict. Conflicts show what actually holds people together, what makes them overcome whatever. It's easy to say "Why don't you all go fuck yourselves" but later, you'll come back, and you can ask yourself: "Why exactly did I return?"

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