I think of trans writing in two different veins. One is based on content, and in that way there is tons of trans writing. And this work is so important. This was the stuff I was devouring in Tennessee and when I moved to Arizona. Then there is something else that isn’t necessarily content but form. I guess that’s where poetry comes in. In what ways do trans / genderqueer authors use syntax? Or lyric? Or narrative? How do we experiment with white space? With voice? These are the questions that drove me to the poetry anthology. I’ve always turned to experimental poetry to help me understand how I can live. As if the page is a tiny body, a place to practice being alive. And so I’m so curious, still and always, how do trans / genderqueer writers create their textual bodies? How do they live on and off the page?

- From an interview with TC Tolbert at Bodies of Work.

The interview ends with a recommended list of trans/genderqueer writers and artists we need to know. Click here and go to the end. As usual TC rocks.