Stop Low-Priority Deportations

One story that is not getting out: brave undocumented young people through the National Immigrant Youth Alliance have been infiltrating select detention centers around the country to see what is really happening; they've discovered that the Obama administration is still deporting the same people it promises not to deport. On June 17th, 2011, President Obama, through ICE director John Morton, issued a memorandum outlining his administration's enforcement priorities. These priorities specifically called for the use of discretion in many low-priority deportation cases. Despite this, they have found countless cases of all kinds of people being locked up who Obama said would not be:

—DREAM Act eligible youth;
—Individuals with no criminal record;
—Individuals clearly detained because of racial profiling tactics used by police and border patrol, including the detention of passengers in vehicles;
—Individuals with pending U visa / VAWA applications;
—Individuals with extreme medical conditions.

These brave young people are doing amazing work, putting their lives on the line and they need your support. Read more and sign their petitions here at their DREAM activist site.

These youth are risking their own deportation and standing up to ICE not only to save themselves and other DREAMers but all low-priority deportees. Que valientes, la neta.