That Idea of Everything

I've made a little audio cut-up piece called "That Idea of Everything" that is now posted on the Hear Our Houston site, which is "a hub of public generated audio walking tours around our city."  I say this about it in an intro I wrote in an open letter to project creator Carrie Schneider:

I think it was November 2011, and you gave me a recorder and invited me to record a walk, and my dad, Tom Pluecker, was in town and I walked with him and my dog from my home in Eastlawn to what was his house (and his parents' house) in Broadmoor. "We're going toward Telephone Road," he says when we set out. We walk through all these memories and all these moments, a million moments he lived and I live now and it all threatens to be full of treacle (according to, contrived or unrestrained sentimentality). And it was. The walk became an mp3 recording that lasted 37 minutes as we walked out onto Telephone and down the wide Road and then back over to the house he grew up in, the house his parents built in 1928 when the neighborhood was new and there weren't trees and it was the prairie. The full recording I'm going to hang onto, but I wanted to cut this audio file up and work with it. I wanted to see what I could make out of this walk with my dad.

To read & listen, click here.