Recent Work on the Internets

In the last few months, I've published a lot of new work on the Internets.

I've added links on the Writing page, but I thought I'd mention some of the highlights here:

The Volta/Evening Will Come: "These Little, Little Men"
+ An essay, three poems, a meandering, a wondering, a questioning, a queering.

Hear Our Houston: "That Idea of Everything"
+ An audio-poem made out of a twentyish-block walk with my father from my house to the house he grew up in the East End in Houston.

+ A visual poem built on top of a drawing from Juan Luis Berlandier's journals.

+ A short essay on a weekly street fair in Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas, Mexico.

+ A review of an art exhibition at the Glassell School of Art featuring the work of three African diasporic women video artists.

Turntable + Blue Light"Last Lines"
+ A series of poems constructed out of re-, mis- and un- translated final sentences of Pedro Lemebel's crónicas.