The truth is I have no revelations to offer...drinking in poetry. 

The Internet amazes again.

I have only my perplexities to offer you...I can only offer you doubts...They were writing about poetry like a task, no like a passion or a joy...Books are only occasions for poetry... A book is a physical object in a world of physical objects... a set of dead symbols...Poetry is a new experience every time...Art happens every time we read a poem...Perhaps I can give a brief survey of the history of books...I am proud to be a good disciple, I hope...Many people mistook the buying of a book for the buying of the contents of the book...I think, what a pity I can't buy that book because I already have another copy at home...I am very fond of etymologies...

- Snippets from recordings of Jorge Luis Borges talking at Harvard in the 60s.