Other Writing

Here you can find an assortment of writing: poems, essays, articles, reviews, genre-fluid texts and transgenre texts. Sometimes a poem might also be an essay or an essay might incorporate poems. Sometimes a poem might also be an image or a video or come alive both on the page and in a performance projection. Sometimes writing an essay about art can become a meditation on loss or the potentials of organizing. So here is some of the other writing I have done that is accessible online in journals or magazines. I'll let you decide where it fits.



Entropy: "It Feels Like an Institution"

Hinchas de Poesía: Ioyaiene & Expreso

Buenos Aires Review: "La Caza"

[out of nothing]Five Cut-up Poems

Lex-ICON"[a boat on the lagoon...]" 

Turntable + Blue Light"Last Lines"

Anomolous Press"Fly"

Pennsound: "How to Bring Things Down: A Manual"

Valeveil: Rue



ArtforumReview of It is what it is. Or is it?, Review of The Progress of Love

Arts + Culture Texas: “Differences Intertwined: Teresa Margolles at UTEP Rubin Center for Visual Arts,” “Macondo Writing Workshop: From San Antonio to the World.”

BOMB Magazine: "I Am Not Dead, Yet: A Mesostic for Janet Fanjón"

Entropy: "What's Happen Now? Thinking about Rafa Saavedra and His Works," "Entropy's Top 93 Poetry Books in Translation of 2014,"The House is On Fire: Race, Gentrification, Houston and the de Menil Legacy.”

Evening Will Come at The Volta: "These Little, Little Men"

Free Press Houston: "City Council Mayhem: El desmadre de la política local"

Houston Chronicle: “Race, Houston Gentrification, and the de Menil Legacy"

HTMLGiant: "A Man Reads Men by the Lips of Women: A Review of I Want to Make You Safe by Amy King"; "An Interview with Tim Roberts, Co-Founder of Counterpath in Denver"

Literal: "Inside My Trachea Your Trachea: A Review of Watchword by Pura López Colomé"

OffCite: "Can We Be Critical of the Menils Now?"; "These Streets are Made for Walking"

Outward from Nothingness: "How Could “We” Forget: Thinking through Heriberto Yépez’s The Empire of Neomemory"; Assorted Other Pieces from a Month-Long Guest Editorship

Pastelegram: "Review of There is no archive in which nothing gets lost"

Temporary Art Review"The Incredible Attack on Grammar, a.k.a. ¡Go, Monterrey, Go!"

HMTLGiant: "Thinking Around Julian Brolaski's gowanus atropolis"There will be nothing left here but the sea: A Review of Campeche by Joshua Edwards", "It Takes Two, Baby: long past the presence of common by j/j hastain; Dear Failures by Trey Sager"

Literal Magazine: "Ilan Stavans's The Norton Anthology of Latino Literature""An Interview with Joseph Mulligan"

Offcite: "Both Sides and the Center,"  "Handmade, Homegrown Books," "Why the Red Scarf, Pablo Ferro?"

Quarterly Conversation"Don Mee Choi's The Morning News is Exciting"

Collaborative Writings with Jen Hofer as Antena

The Conversant at The VoltaWhen We Said This Was a Space, We Meant We Are People: Antena @ Project Row Houses" (Co-Authored with Jen Hofer as Antena)

Evening Will Come at The Volta"Speechlessness into (and out of) Speech" (Co-Authored with Jen Hofer as Antena)