Other Writing

Here you can find an assortment of writing: poems, essays, articles, reviews, genre-fluid texts and transgenre texts. Sometimes a poem might also be an essay or an essay might incorporate poems. Sometimes a poem might also be an image or a video or come alive both on the page and in a performance projection. Sometimes writing an essay about art can become a meditation on loss or the potentials of organizing. So here is some of the other writing I have done that is accessible online in journals or magazines. I'll let you decide where it fits.



ArtforumReview of It is what it is. Or is it?,

ArtNet: "In Post-Harvey Houston, Artists Can’t Look Away From the Inequalities Exposed by the Storm"

Arts + Culture Texas: “Differences Intertwined: Teresa Margolles at UTEP Rubin Center for Visual Arts,” “Macondo Writing Workshop: From San Antonio to the World.”

BOMB Magazine: "I Am Not Dead, Yet: A Mesostic for Janet Fanjón"

Entropy: "What's Happen Now? Thinking about Rafa Saavedra and His Works," "Entropy's Top 93 Poetry Books in Translation of 2014,"The House is On Fire: Race, Gentrification, Houston and the de Menil Legacy.”

Evening Will Come at The Volta: "These Little, Little Men"

Free Press Houston: "City Council Mayhem: El desmadre de la política local"

Houston Chronicle: “Race, Houston Gentrification, and the de Menil Legacy"

HTMLGiant: "A Man Reads Men by the Lips of Women: A Review of I Want to Make You Safe by Amy King"; "An Interview with Tim Roberts, Co-Founder of Counterpath in Denver"

Literal: "Inside My Trachea Your Trachea: A Review of Watchword by Pura López Colomé"

OffCite: "Can We Be Critical of the Menils Now?"; "These Streets are Made for Walking"

Open Space: "Moving the Wreckage"

Outward from Nothingness: "How Could “We” Forget: Thinking through Heriberto Yépez’s The Empire of Neomemory"; Assorted Other Pieces from a Month-Long Guest Editorship

Pastelegram: "Review of There is no archive in which nothing gets lost"

Temporary Art Review"The Incredible Attack on Grammar, a.k.a. ¡Go, Monterrey, Go!"

HMTLGiant: "Thinking Around Julian Brolaski's gowanus atropolis"There will be nothing left here but the sea: A Review of Campeche by Joshua Edwards", "It Takes Two, Baby: long past the presence of common by j/j hastain; Dear Failures by Trey Sager"

Literal Magazine: "Ilan Stavans's The Norton Anthology of Latino Literature""An Interview with Joseph Mulligan"

Offcite: "Both Sides and the Center,"  "Handmade, Homegrown Books," "Why the Red Scarf, Pablo Ferro?"

Quarterly Conversation"Don Mee Choi's



Entropy: "It Feels Like an Institution"

Hinchas de Poesía: Ioyaiene & Expreso

Buenos Aires Review: "La Caza"

[out of nothing]Five Cut-up Poems

Lex-ICON"[a boat on the lagoon...]" 

Turntable + Blue Light"Last Lines"

Anomolous Press"Fly"

Pennsound: "How to Bring Things Down: A Manual"

Valeveil: Rue


Collaborative Writings with Jen Hofer as Antena

The Conversant at The VoltaWhen We Said This Was a Space, We Meant We Are People: Antena @ Project Row Houses" (Co-Authored with Jen Hofer as Antena)

Evening Will Come at The Volta"Speechlessness into (and out of) Speech" (Co-Authored with Jen Hofer as Antena)